#1 EFT Expert & Mindset Coach

I help entrepreneurs just like you, dissolve negative emotions and limiting beliefs using EFT/Tapping, so you can create a killer business with confidence.

I’m Claire… Your “Mindset & Strategy Coach” and friend.

10x your focus and productivity in the next 5 minutes

It’s sole-destroying when you have spent, weeks months or even years on an idea.. but you struggle to implement the mountain of details and structure and you don’t even know where to begin prioritising task..

“Your ideas never seem to become a reality.”

You feel like you’ve failed

The seeds of doubt begin to grow in your mind as you question the value of your creativity… you wonder if you will ever get anything off the ground.?

The only solution seems to be hiring an expensive Coach to help you put strategies and systems into place… but the thought of that overwhelms you, with never ending to-do lists and added stress and pressure.

You’ve wasted so much time and money, to literally get nowhere.

So far, you may have tried…

productivity apps

Willpower to
keep you focused

to-do lists!

Fed up of being constantly bombarded on
social media by these slick-entrepreneurs
who look like they have got all their shit
altogether… But you know your ideas are
10x  better?

A unique solution for
“stuck” entrepreneurs

By using “The Genie Way” method you can reduce all these negative feelings, overnight.

Now I accept that this bold claim may seem unbelievable to you at this stage, but I’m going to show you how it works with concrete proof.

The Genie Way is  helping creative entrepreneurs crush it and is changing countless live is the process!

The Genie Way is for you, IF you are…


Overwhelmed with your to-do list

Lacking self discipline

Lacking focus & struggling to priorities


Stressed, anxious or overwhelmed

Feeling stuck and lost

Doubting your abilities

Can’t decide what tasks to priorities

“Every night at 5 yrs old I’d check my heart was still beating and pray that I’d be alive the next day.”

The Genie Way helps entrepreneurs
across the planet take their incredible
ideas and make them a reality, so they
have choice and freedom in their life
and business.

As an anxious entrepreneur myself, I
understand what it’s like to spin too many
plates, feel pressure and have too many
incredible ideas, you don’t even know
where to start… never mind finish! I learnt
the hard way, it cost me time and money.
You will learn the easy way.

Claire Genie
Your Mindset Coach A Friend.

The Genie Way Method


The new & easy way to annihilate overwhelm,
procrastination, self-doubt, stress, anxiety and fear.

Ancient healing wisdom

Cutting adge psychology

Instant result

Life-change practice

Few minutes a day

Emotional freedom

We like to think we do things
differently at The Genie Way…

No mind-games
No positive thinking
No willpower needed
No time needed to learn
No belief required for it to work

“Most mindset techniques don’t work and are NOT EASY.”

This powerful & scientifically proven

practice creates an “automatic”

change in brain chemistry, bringing

immediate relief & freedom, so you can

take empowering action that you

never thought was possible!

What you’re about to discover…

Dissolve overwhelm, stress & Anxiety – The END of fear!

Turn apathy & lack of motivation into inspired action!

Eliminate money blocks to create a life of abundance

Obliterate limiting beliefs & habit quickly

Transform unwanted emotions into peace & confidence

Create your own personalised custom programs

Share experiences in our private community

Weekly live group online advanced coaching live Q&As

Don’t just listen to me…


Here’s what the user of “The Genie Way” method are saying right
now about his groundbreaking new system.

The Investment

Full unlimited access to daily practices (Value £2997+)

Facebook support, Group (Value £2,000+)

Weekly Motivational Emails (Value £500+)

Weekly Live Q&As Group Online Coaching (Value £5,000+)

Total Value = £10,497

Wait! For a Limited time only

Available to everyone who wants to be break free from destructive

lifelong patterns of disempowering and limiting thinking and

behaviour to become a creative genius!

Annual Plan


Full access to all the premium features and 52 weekly coaching sessions.

Save £167!

Monthly Plan


Full access to all the premium features and 52 weekly coaching sessions.

Cancel anytime

Psst! I’m so confident The Genie Method will work for you, that if you don’t experience a major personal breakthrough within the first 30 days of using it, I’ll refund you. No questions asked. Sound fair?

Are you fed up wasting time?

You’ve wasted enough time, energy and sanity on trying to fix these deep rooted problem yourself, plus you’ve hidden behind every excuse imaginable and it’s now exactly the right time…

Life is passing you by.

The missing link you’ve  been searching for to finally turn your hopes and dreams into a reality, is only a few clicks away.

You have two options…

Option 1

You get my support, get coached and learn a powerful tool to skyrocket your business and life, forever! Imagine…

Achieving your life goals
Having freedom & chose
Lots of family time & holidays
Changing people’s lives
Gaining respect & recognition
Looking fit, lean & healthy
Your business is booming
Lots of love from family & friends

Option 2

Do it alone, continue
wasting time, going
around in circles,
wasting money and


Burn out.

I know what you want deep down and I want that for you too, so grab yourself the premium membership now and let’s get you started today! Your time is now!

Some FAQs…

I struggle with time

I totally understand. As an Entrepreneur myself, I used to massively struggle with time, that’s why we created a solution which takes just a few minutes daily practice per day. When you find just a few minutes per day, your productivity and focus will increase. So we know it’s worth it.

What results can i expect?

If you follow my EXACT step by step process, you will find more time freedom in your life. You will have the time to do the things you love with your family and have the adventures you have been dreaming about. You will also be able to focus more and be productive. You will have confidence and self-worth and know you can achieve anything. When you take control of your emotions, the realisation of your goals will become apparent.

Will it work?

The techniques I use work and they require no belief either. All you need to do is follow my exact steps and give it your all and you will see the benefits. Most of the techniques provide instant results, so you can try and see how you feel afterwards!

What techniques do you use?

I use a mixture of techniques, from ancient healing wisdom to 21st century cutting edge psychology. Let me ask you – if we can help you get to your desired dream goal regardless of what techniques I use… would you be happy with that?

What do your programs cost?

My programmes start from as little as £47. I have a membership you can join, I offer group and also private coaching.

Do I need a Coach?

Every single successful person has a coach, Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Cristiana Ronaldo…. we had coaches growing up, our parents and teachers were our coaches, but how many coaches have we had since leaving school?

“Everybody should have a Coach” says Google CEO Eric Schmidt The answer is, if a life of freedom is on your horizon, then you 100% need a Coach, you cannot do it alone.

What if it doesn't work?

Relax, all of our programmes come with a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions, just email us.

Are you qualified?

Yes! I am fully accredited mindset coach for the techniques that I use. I am accredited by AAMET international.

I also have a BA Honors degree, allowing me to take my digital knowledge and provide strategy coaching also.

I also was finalist for Young Entrepreneur across the North West in 2012 by the EVA Awards.

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