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Helping You Find Success “Within”

Do you know what’s holding you back from becoming your best-self?

I am an Accredited, Qualified and Award Winning Coach helping Females just like you find their inner confidence and happy-self.

Success is already within you and I have the experience to help you unlock your true potential and find out what is holding you back so you can start to become the person you were born to be!

If you had a flat tyre you would fix it straight away, your wellbeing is no different…  and those that truly care and want to make a difference, act quickly! If you don’t y

You are important. 

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Find your way to happiness, abundance and positivity by learning all of my secret stress & anxiety recovery methods, with my direct daily support!

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The Genie School

A "D.I.Y" approach to your Stress & Anxiety! For those who want to grab their issue and take it into their own hands, using my guided support and expertise.

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It’s not all smoke and mirrors – check out my free resources so you can retreat yourself to some self-help material, to get you on the road to recovery!

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My Personal Anxiety Struggles

Just like you, I am completely normal human BEING. I live with my fiance, our two cavalier puppies and I am close to my family.

My teenage years and early 20's were tough beyond belief. I suffered from huge anxiety, depression, phobias and my life was going in the wrong direction, that was until I mastered the exact process of recovery. My struggles were all real and that's why I gave up my career in tech, to help others.

In this video you will see how much effort and money I spent to find a "cure". You DO NOT have to do this. I have created my own unique method you won't find anywhere else online to help you get the results you need.

Celebrities and EFT

Alex Reid

Used EFT to overcome the pressure of fame and to help improve his performance as a cage fighter.

Lily Allen

Taps her way into putting down the chocolate, an addiction she has confessed to having.

Michael Ball

Controls nerves and anxiety with tapping, which was taught to him by Stephen Gately.


Uses tapping to deal with stress and has praised it as a wonder therapy. (Which it is!)

Fernando Alonso

Spotted using tapping before the Grand Prix to improve his performance.

Whoopi Goldberg

Used EFT to combat her fear of flying.


Stopped her flying phobia by using tapping.

Naomie Harris

Uses EFT before auditions to improve performance and stay calm.

Please note: Celebrity case studies, research and images have been taken from external sources for educational purposes only.


  • I work with individuals struggling with stress and Anxiety.
  • Corporate clientele looking to improve Stress and Anxiety in the workplace and allow their staff to become more resilient.
  • I work with celebrities who are struggling with Stress and Anxiety.

I want ALL of my services to be affordable for everyone, which is why I have different products to fit all budgets. From wellbeing classes and events, to online courses, my inner circle program and private coaching sessions. Starting from £29.95 to £1000+
I never turn anyone away, so no matter what your affordability is, I can help you.

Normally after one session, Clients experience a slight shift and usually have a great nights sleep! After each session, you should start to notice subtle changes until we have worked through your program. I have up to a 97% success rate on my services.

There are a lot of help material out there, even on this website. I also have online courses for those who want a “D.I.Y” approach to their Stress & Anxiety. However, like anything – using a qualified coach will help you navigate through your problems more effectively to get to the core issue, for faster progress and better results.

That’s understandable, especially if you have tried many other methods before! However, what I can say is that over the past 12 years, I have tried and tested many methods and developed a solid strategy that cannot be found online, with up to a 97% success rate. When you work with me, unlike most coaches, I am results focused and when you work with me we devise a proper plan and stick to it.

Having a super high success rates and an abundance of feedback and expertise in this field, means that you have an extremely high chance of recovery! I also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of my online courses, if you are not satisfied – no questions asked.

That’s ok, I have a variety of techniques I use to get results. If there is something quite sensitive you would rather not talk about, we can use a technique where we do not have to speak about the issue to get some relief. This is quite common!

100% confidential. I also have a strict data protection policy, including a privacy policy and all my clients sign an agreement to say what information they are happy to share or want to keep confidential. When you work with me, you can work with me in confidence.

Some of us may have such a desire to meet our goals, but we simply cannot afford to pay the fee. I’ve never turned anyone away for treatment for financial reasons and I don’t plan to! 

This is a very common concern. Being emotionally ready is a very important part of the process. My advice would be to have a session where we prepare you for working through all of this and discuss what to expect. When you work with me, I work in a very controlled and gentle way and your wellbeing is always at the top of my priority list.

Yes! I am accredited by AAMET and I am an Advanced Coach, with over 12 years experience.

Yes, I am fully insured by Balens Insurance.

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Success Stories

The Genie Way
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Andrea Bariaková
Andrea Bariaková
it's been very helpful for me :-) thank you Claire ❤❤❤
Lyndsey Jane
Lyndsey Jane
I was dreading the summer holidays as my mental health suffers due to a lack of structure and routine. After just a few 1:1 sessions with Claire I am calmer and thinking more clearly and have just enjoyed the best summer holiday ever! My husband said to me that Claire has helped me the way no other type of therapy ever has.
Stacey Karpinski-hoskins
Stacey Karpinski-hoskins
I recently attended a tapping workshop with Claire. I was absolutely shocked at just how powerful it was for me. On my first round of the tapping sequence i listened to Claires calming voice and from really deep down somewhere, this emotion just poured out. As i continued with the tapping sequence i could feel my emotions calming and afterwards, although i felt exhausted, i felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Claire is amazing at what she does and i have been using this sequence everyday since she taught it to me!! xx
Michaela Cliffe
Michaela Cliffe
did not show up to venue. did not send out a cancellation. did not even confirm booking with the venue. or pay the cost. cost us petrol to get there from quite a distance away, also cost us parking. very warned
Julie Molyneux
Julie Molyneux
New and different for me but WOW. I even slept peacefully, hurry up next week, can’t wait.
Michelle Staniland
Michelle Staniland
Claire is amazing , had the pleasure of working with her on some really in-depth beliefs. What amazing results we achieved- thank you! �
Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson
I wasn't sure if tapping would work for me as it wasn't something I'd heard of before. However I did attain amazing results. Thank you Claire
Sian Elin Jones
Sian Elin Jones
Had an amazing first tapping experience with Claire. Highly recommend it. Really relaxed and friendly atmosphere and I felt so cal. And relaxed afterwards. Can’t wait to book in another session