Many of us suffer from Addictions and possibly more than we realise!

We always associate addictions with smoking or drug addictions, and whilst these are true addictions – we probably all have one addiction in common – our phones!

An addiction is where we have to perform the activity: checking our phones, going for that cigarette, eating that nice gooey chocolate brownie, or taking that drug.

We can’t stop, the impulse is too strong and our willpower isn’t enough.

What is actually behind these urges are unpleasant feelings, that we are trying to suppress, rather than facing head-on.

We all know about ’emotional eating’ and it’s VERY true!

When working with addictions and using Tapping, we can help eliminate these feelings of needing to have that nicotine rush or jammy doughnuts (which quite frankly are providing us with mouths full of comfort but loathed for ruining our diets!)

I help people with all types of addictions, especially when working with Weight Loss, I help people with the addiction they may have to certain foods.

I also help people who want to quit smoking, for good.

When I first started Tapping, I joined a local group and some of them were sharing their stories and successes of Tapping and I have never forgotten how one lady had joined because 10 yrs prior she had a Tapping session for her addiction to Chocolate and 10 yrs on, she still hadn’t had a piece!

Not a bite, nothing! I was amazed at how Tapping on acupressure points in the body could have such profound effects.

That was her choice though. Some people may want to cut down, some want to cut out – for good.

I work with your wishes.

There is around an 85% success rate with most addictions, all you need to be open to working with me over the course of a few sessions. If this sounds of interest, why not Book a Session!