Financial Blocks

The saying is true, money doesn’t buy you happiness.

In fact, I’ve worked with people from all different kinds of financial backgrounds, and ultimately, all everybody wants is happiness.

However, in the world that we live in, it would be unrealistic to say that money doesn’t help day to day, when in reality, it is what, at the very least, keeps us warm, fed and watered.

As life naturally ticks on by, we will all hit a financial block at some point, which will turn into a spiral of emotion that is often hard to break out of. When you are worrying about money, it will often trigger off other worries, which makes it harder and harder to claw yourself out of that financial pit.

Tapping is a technique that can eliminate this and clear your energy fields so that you can start again and remove the burden of financial worry that many of us carry on a day to day basis.

“I don’t have the money”, “I’m skint”, “I wish I had a little bit more money”

Are these all phrases that come out of your mouth?

It won’t make you rich overnight, it isn’t a band-aid kind of deal that will see you with extra cash in your account by morning, but it will equip you with the right tools in order to move forward and adjust your approach to your finances and money in a way that is healthy and encourages you to thrive.

By using tapping, you will address all of the money issues and limiting beliefs that you have placed on yourself, and start to free yourself from the shackles that you have put there in the first place.

This will push you in the right direction and smash through that financial block – you can and will have what you want, without your own limitations.

You can tap your way into abundance when it comes to your finances –  start your first session now.