Are you loosing sales because of your language?

Have you ever read a text message and thought somebody was abrupt or being off with you?

Language is everything. 

The way we speak and the language we use determines how it is interpreted. When we talk aloud, the sounds create vibrations which are transmitted to the brain and then create thoughts in our minds.

I want you to imagine right now, a jelly fish wearing high-heels waltzing through a library whilst dancing. Now this may seem like a strange request, but what I’m trying to show you is, everything creates our thoughts. Good and bad.

For business owners, it’s pretty important to consider this in advertising. When we are trying to influence our audience, we not only need to consider the copy, but also consider the language within the copy. So many people get this wrong and they wonder why their ads fail miserably. You can create or destroy your advertising, very easily.

“Don’t forget to buy this amazing sofa today!” The word ‘forget’ is what the brain picks up on, so we are likely to see it for what it is, what the brain actually reads is ‘forget to buy this amazing sofa today’.

When you have this realisation, you may start panicking at what you are really telling your customers!

I see it in swimming baths a lot too, “Don’t run!”

All we read is “run” and then parents wonder why children never listen!

It’s all to do with the way we write stuff and how we say it. Words are not just words or nouns. They have meaning. Scientists who used to study stars and planets came up with “Moon-day” and “Saturn-day” and “Sun-day”.

The way we speak, what we say, how we saying is pretty important and will determine how successful (or not) you will be. I want you to have a think of how you use language on a daily basis and also start to become more mindful of the language others use too.

I like to do this in emails, to understand how a person is writing…

I do this mainly by understanding the tonality of the email and also look for words which tell me the person’s learning style e.g. kinaesthetic (I felt sad), audio (sounds good, listen up), digital (makes sense), or visual (I see it clearly). I can then respond back using the same sort of language patterns, to build rapport.

Are you conscious of what messages you are putting out there?

If you’d like some help, then I highly recommend my private coaching sessions. 

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