How to stop ‘Energy Vampires’ zapping you from success

how to stop energy vampires from draining you

Okay, so the question here is do we surround ourselves with people who suffer with stress and anxiety and those who have problems and how to stop energy vampires from draining you?

There are a lot of people out there that will have a lot of friends who’ve got a lot of issues…

I’ve got family members who’ve also got problems, but there’s ways to deal with it.

Now, I don’t know if you have been like me in the past where I’ve constantly felt the need to heal people, to be able to take all their problems on board and to be able to try and fix them.

Well, just by trying to be this type of person – I’ve ended up affecting my own wellbeing, because the truth of the matter is that you can’t help anybody unless they are willing to help themselves.

Now, I was on a Facebook group a little bit earlier on and somebody commented back to me and said, shouldn’t you really be trying to, make friends with people who’ve got anxiety instead of just offering them business support?

Having a little bit of empathy is crucial when being a coach and being somebody like myself and having emotional intelligence, understanding how other people are feeling is a great trait to have.

But do I have sympathy? No.

I have zero sympathy for those who sit and talk about it, because if you really want to get a handle on the problem that you have, and it might not just be anxiety, it might be stress, it might be a phobia, a fear that you have, a constant worry, whatever it might be….

If you’re just going to sit and talk about it, it’s not going to make you feel any better.

This is where I personally disagree with counselling (and this is a personal opinion) because what you’re doing is, you’re reliving that moment.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between something that’s happening right now and something that happened 30 years ago.

That’s why our dreams feel so real because we can replay them in our mind’s eye and our brain doesn’t know the difference and that’s why we can still get the hot sweats.

If you have a lot of people that suffer with stress and anxiety and you surround yourself with those type of people, then you need to learn ways to actually deal with that and getting involved in other people’s situations is going to affect your own wellbeing.

Taking on other people’s drama is going to affect your own wellbeing.

Now there’s some really great energy techniques that you can use to get of these feelings so that it doesn’t affect you and it stops you being drained. Now, when I used to be surrounded by big groups of people that were all discussing their issues – i found it draining.

I used to feel completely drained by whatever it was we’re talking about to the point where I could hardly keep my eyes open… and that’s how energy affects us.

Somebody else’s energy can have a huge impact on your own energy. You need to learn how to stop energy vampires from draining you!!

Now if you think I’m being spiritual talking about energy here, energy is real. It’s scientifically proven.

If you don’t believe energy is real, then you sit next to somebody and let them sit and talk to you about something really draining and and see how it affects your state.

Then similarly surround yourself with really positive people and then see how that affects your state… Because both, both ways can affect us very differently.

Now, something that I really like to do is if I know I’m going to be around people who possibly could drain me, I do the zipping up technique and it’s a really simple technique where I would literally go to the bottom of my big toes and pretend I’m zipping myself up wearing a jacket.

What that basically does, without going into too much detail here is it basically zips up my own energy and protects my own energy. Just try this because it works wonders!

I’ve been able to stay awake a couple of hours longer now I do this!

That’s because that’s the type of person I am. I’m an empath. I feel other people’s emotions. I’m one of those people that could literally be in the same room as a hundred different people and I could pick out the one person that feeling really angry over in the corner even when they aren’t facing me.

They’ve got the back to me, but I can just sense it. And because of that, I pick up on everybody’s emotions.

So, even when we’re watching TV, like last night we were watching shipwrecked and I like watching crap TV like this because I love to analyze other people’s behaviour, but I do get sucked in, in the sense of I start to really feel everybody’s emotions. So if somebody is behaving in a particular way that I don’t think is very nice, I start to think, Oh God, that other person there is feeling really uncomfortable and I start to feel all of these emotions.

But if I can avoid it, I will remove myself from those types of situations. I limit the amount of time that I spend with those type of people. And you might be thinking, okay Claire, that’s a little bit harsh. There might be some people that I can’t do that with. Absolutely fine, you know, family members and things like that, who you have to see on a regular basis, even though the quite negative people. Well, that’s okay because you can use coping techniques such as those energy techniques to actually protect your own energy and don’t get involved.

If you don’t have to respond in a way that allows the other person to go on and on and on. Because sometimes we can feed it and it’s about being aware. If you’re doing that, are you feeding the problem when we ask him more questions about it, how about you change the direction?

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