Law of Attraction

Imagine having everything you ever wanted, and having the power to bring it to yourself.

Well, stop imagining and start bringing it…

The phrase that has been on a lot of lips within the last few years is the law of attraction, and it is something that most people are familiar with, yet don’t practice it effectively.

Tapping and the law of attraction are a match made in heaven – they go together like fish and chips, salt and vinegar, shampoo and conditioner, Kylie and Jason…well, maybe not quite like the last combo. Sorry, Jason.

So, where do I come in with the law of attraction when I teach tapping?

Well, whether you are a seasoned reader of The Secret, or are completely new to the whole thing with only a basic understanding, I can help you out.

The main teaching of the law of attraction is that you can manifest pretty much anything that you want by giving out what you want to receive.

So, if you want to get more clients in work, start thanking the universe as if you already have them, and they will start to arrive. However, one of the main problems that people have with the secret is their own self-doubt.

We all have our own narrative that runs in our minds, and sometimes, it’s just plain annoying.

“I can’t do this, it won’t work, it’s a stupid idea…”

Sound familiar?

It’s all well and good reading The Secret, writing down your wish list for the universe, writing down everything that you are grateful for and hoping for the best, but once that annoying voice kicks in, it all goes to pot. Basically, you are standing in your own way and whilst you may be physically doing all of the right things, your mind needs to be on board, too.

It is pointless putting all of the steps into place if that narrative in the back of your brain is saying “it won’t work…”

Let me introduce you to tapping.

The universe is always operating and it hears your wishes via your vibration, not via your words. Everything else is all just techniques to get you on the right vibration.

When you use tapping, you are doing what you can to get rid of that naughty little narrative and freeing up the negativity, leaving you with nothing but positive energy that pushes the law of attraction into play.

Tapping allows you to embrace your emotions and use them for good, rather than just pretend that you are feeling a certain way, when really, you’re nowhere near. This is the key to making sure the law of attraction works properly.

Are you ready for the law of attraction to really kick in? Book a session and start tapping now.