My Story

I know what you’re thinking.

No, I really do.

Well, I know what a lot of you are thinking. No, I’m not Derren Brown, not even close, and mindreading isn’t a part of my holistic skillset, but I know you’re reading this site with a raised eyebrow, because I’ve done the same myself in the past.

I promise you, it’s not a gimmick, it’s not a fad and it’s not a load of old…well, you know…

The thing is, I’ve been where you are, and I’ve been that anxious, depressed person desperately trying to claw my way back to the surface and feel ‘normal’ again.

What is normal? There’s no such thing, but you can be your own sense of normal again faster than what you probably think.

I’m not just advocating tapping because I’ve read about it and carried it out a few times on other people – I’ve used these techniques to improve my own energy channels and use them daily in order to keep up with my own inner positivity.

I know that they work, and I’m the proof.

I haven’t just helped myself either, I’ve worked with the likes of Selfridges and Virgin to name a few, as well as working with celebrities on their anxiety, relationship issues and struggles being in the public eye.

When I’ve felt completely overwhelmed by my anxiety and left in a state of panic, hot and sweaty, hyperventilating, catastrophic thinking and feeling like my head is spinning, tapping has helped me and turned it around, quickly. One minute I am in an absolute frenzy and then the next I am calm and collected. That’s only because I have the skills to manage and get rid of anxiety, and you can too!

I’ve been there with relationship issues that make you feel like your world is crumbling around you and there’s not a thing you can do about it. Well, you can. I’ve done it. Tapping gives you the clarity to move forward from problems it and leave them in the past, following a direction that is right for you.

After My last partner, it only took me 24 hours to get rid of all the negative emotions I had when we broke up. A week later I was on a one-way flight across to the other side of the world. I flew to Australia on my own and I hated flying – that in itself was an achievement for me! I could not have done this without tapping in to my true potential.

Wondering where your next rent payment or shopping money is coming from is hard enough without negativity making it spiral even further, but you can get a grip of it. You are in more control than what you realise, you just need to start using it. I use the Law of Attraction and tapping to remove my financial blocks. I have gone from months of earning next to nothing, to earning over £20k in my most successful month!

I can only do this because I know exactly how to channel my energy.

Positivity breeds positivity and it’s a bit like a domino effect, once you get going, it becomes infectious and you will start to feel the benefits straightaway. I’d have extremely dark days; some days I would count the hours until I could sleep again. When I discovered tapping, I felt my world turn on its axis and things started to brighten up and feel better again.

I used to have a huge phobia of motorway driving to the point where I would be in tears if I had to drive in the dark! If I got stuck in traffic, I’d start to panic on the road. With tapping, I have managed to clear this and I no longer think those negative thoughts. It’s amazing!

Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing, and it’s all about striking the balance of self-love and being able to look at caring for yourself as self-preservation; we all need to do it in order to be more positive in all areas of our lives.

When you work with me, I don’t judge, I don’t preach and I don’t offer your shallow advice that can be generically found on Google.

Instead, I’ll draw upon my own experiences to help you through yours and teach you those all-important tapping techniques that can literally turn your negative energy into positive in no time at all.

Tapping really is as easy and as straightforward as it sounds, all that’s left is to get started.

Start your journey to living your best by tapping your way to happiness – book your first session now.