From Anxiety To Freedom In 6 Months!

I was an anxious child, who was determined to be successful. I had many obstacles and challenges I had to overcome, but I managed to find emotional, time and financial freedom using a new technique that I mastered. I took my business from zero to 6-figures in 6 months, with NO investment, NO skills in marketing, I was shocking at sales and I had NO knowledge in creating funnels.

Early years

I never felt like I was smart enough, kids around me would get better grades than me and I couldn’t even put the numbers from 1-10 together.

I felt hopeless and I was super-sensitive, I’d get emotional at everything and I was the kid that was constantly scared of their own shadow!

I feared everything… cars, trains, planes, lifts, dogs, small spaces, the dark, things not being in their right place…. everything…. and just because I was a cute little girl with ‘everything going for her’, does not mean that I didn’t feel all this anxiety and turmoil inside of me. Let me tell you, it was there! This continued throughout primary and high school and into adulthood.


Age 20-22

In an abusive relationship. My self-worth was low and I validated myself based upon the feedback I got in the relationship. I felt not good enough and was heavily manipulated too. I setup my first ‘web design’ business, but I never felt confident in my abilities. “Why would someone pay a 20-yr old money?” I just felt in-experienced and not smart enough. The first year was a huge struggle, sometimes I couldn’t afford to pay my bills and I racked up loads of credit cards and loans.

I wanted this glamorous lifestyle, the house and nice car, so I decided to get everything on credit – the kitchen, sofas, car finance. My monthly bills went up so I had to earn more and I felt so pressured. I was literally living off everything I made! There was not a penny left to my name, but that was ok right? As I had a nice home…


Age 24

I sold my home in 2012 to pay off the all of my debt and moved back home.

My relationship got so much worse and not only that, there were family issues too. My sister who has a rare genetic disorder, was having seizures every other day (brought on by anxiety) and my mum was collapsing too and had to have emergency heart surgery and a pace-maker fitted. I was so overwhelmed and the day her heart stopped, I thought my world was about to come to an end, but luckily the operated straight away and after 6 months she fully recovered.

At the same time, my sister felt like she wasn’t getting the attention she needed and got put into care. I was travelling between my home and my parents home an hour away, to visit my sister and family, whilst trying to be successful and felt like I had no time for me.

I just felt like my business and life wasn’t going anywhere, so in 2014 I setup a consultancy business and ended my 6 yr relationship.

I met a group of Entrepreneurs and spent most of my time working alongside them and something changed… they actually saw potential in me and started giving me work. They also just made me feel different. I can’t even explain. I used to drive everyday to the office in my killer heels and put on makeup, I felt amazing to be around people who inspired me and this is when I realised support is so important.

Things started to change, I started to believe that I could make a success of myself simply down to a change in my mindset, the way I valued myself and my abilities too. One thing I did learn was that even when times were shit I would keep on going and not give up.

There was one time I was stood in the hallway at my parents in floods of tears, I had so much going on in home-life and work was stressful and my dad just gave me a hug and said… “Claire go and get a 9-5 job and this will all go away.”

At the time I feared so much of going to get a job.

A job? What is one of them! I had so much to prove I didn’t want to give up. My mental health was suffering badly, I had developed a fear of choking so I was losing weight and I didn’t want to eat.

I was also having multiple panic attacks every single day. The easy option sounded like going back to work! But something inside of me, with everything I had learnt, said do not give up!

So I didn’t. One thing I learnt was focus, because my anxiety was bad, I decided to go and learn this weird technique which apparently could help with my mindset. I must say I was really skeptical at first, but when things are not going as planned and you aren’t where you want to be, you will try anything. So I went and trained in this weird technique. I wanted to be an expert so I could heal my mind and that’s exactly what I did.


Age 25

After using this technique within 30 days my anxiety had significantly reduced. I was able to bounce back and even when I felt stressed, I was able to manage my days much better, I started eating more and I felt a massive improvement. Anytime I was procrastinating, which happened A LOT because I just could never decide on anything, I used this technique to regain my focus. My productivity improved by 1000% – previously, I used to wake up with good intentions but I used to end up on a downward spiral and I’d always say “tomorrow will be a better day” – but since I started using this technique, things just changed dramatically.

This was the year I was also due to emigrate to Australia, forever. I sold all my belongings and there was just me, my suitcase ready to take myself to the other side of the world with my new boyfriend who I had met of just 3 months. Now, anyone who knows me will know two things 1) I wear my heart on my sleeve and 2) I hate flying. So you probably are wondering why on earth did I put myself through this? Well all this fear I had inside of me, I somehow managed to change to excitement using my new toolbox of techniques…

This helped my personal life so much… I got to ride private jets (and conquered my flying fear!)….

I just thought things were getting better. With work I was more resilient, but then something happened….

My boyfriend broke up with me the week before we were due to leave to Australia. I spent the WHOLE day crying, I had this dream of living the laptop lifestyle but something was holding me back, can I really go alone? So I spent the day using this technique I was taught. I mean like 10 hours I spent. I woke up the next day at my parents house, ready for my leaving party, which was already pre-planned. I told them to go ahead. I’m AM going alone.

My parents were like “Do you not think you should wait?” or “I don’t think you are in the right frame of mind to make that decision so soon.”

I was 100% in the right mindset, to take on this challenge and so that I did, it was like a switch was flicked and I could do anything I wanted.

I only spent 5 weeks in Australia and decided to return home. I couldn’t settle in Australia, with the time difference and started to lose clients.


Age 26-27

In 2015 when I returned home I met my now fiance, a loveable, kind-hearted man.

When I first met him, I felt like it was too good to be true. I mean he turned up to my apartment with a huge bunch of flowers on our 2nd date. I definitely wasn’t used to this!

Ok, maybe I had just never met the right person, but as soon as I worked on finding emotional freedom, I was no longer repeating the same old stories anymore and meeting the same people.

My life was changing for the better. Years and years of what felt like suffering, was starting to disappear.


Here’s what I had learnt:

>> I realised that being around like-minded people who can support you is key to personal success.

>> I also learnt that having resilience to bounce back when times get challenging was key to personal success.

>> I also learnt that by identifying what was holding me back and changing it, was key to personal success.

It was like a light bulb moment!! Why am I not implementing these things in my work-life FOR SUCCESS?

As I continued my consultancy business I realised that there were many things holding me back, such as being too self-critical and wanting everything to be perfect, maybe because I had control issues from the stuff that had gone on when I was younger.


So it was time to face ALL of my demons.

I dedicated 1hr per day on myself to work on all my baggage from the past that was keeping me stuck.

I had been carrying this imaginary backpack around with me for far too long. It was getting full, I was tired and I needed to feel some relief. So I started to work through the “deep stuff” in both personal and work-life. I figured the stories I had created from the events and experiences in the past that were holding a negative charge, were affecting ALL areas of my life.

As I was working through stuff, things started to improve but there were times I felt like a fraud. I was hired by a large multi-million pound company to provide ux consultancy (basically the psychology behind website design).


I was on a contract and I was making over £8k per month on this one single contract, but guess what? I had ZERO knowledge in ux design. I had a bachelors degree in Graphic Design and I was a self-taught web designer. I sat there on my first day and one guy said “Are we going to work in sprints?”

WTF? I thought sprints were for marathon runners!

I had a lot to learn. I worked on this, if I constantly felt like a fraud, I was going to sabotage my own success. So what did I do? Yes, I learnt the skill – every single night, but I STILL felt like a fraud.

Everyone says strategy is everything. It isn’t… if it was I wouldn’t have felt this way!

I felt like a fraud because I had a lack of experience. So it didn’t matter about my knowledge, even though I had the mechanics and the company were pleased with my work it made NO difference.

This was a mindset problem, so using the techniques I had been taught I worked on this and I dedicated the time to it, I treated it like a mini project.

OMG, I went on securing working on 3 and 4 contracts after this all simultaneously running alongside each other!! This took my business to 6-figures very quickly. I also started hiring staff.

This was the dream, right?

In 2017 I started doing up properties with what I had earnt. I bought a house that I could do up and sell on, I paid cash for the property, so all the money I had was 100% mine.

We spent 2-3 hours every day project managing, as we thought we could keep more profit, if we did most of the ‘managing’ stuff ourselves.

We were tired, exhausted and felt like we had no life. We were both running businesses, but our relationship was being affected by this too as we had zero time for each other or our families.

Now most people would say to sit down and work out how to get more time. You could wake up and hour earlier, or start to automate more of your processes and whilst having a strategy is important, if you don’t believe it’s possible to create more time, then you will just end up sabotaging your success. For me, everything was priority so I just couldn’t work out how to cut things down and if I automated my processes more, I felt I’d lose control and I didn’t believe anyone could do things as good as me. I also believed that you had to work 80 hours+ a week to be successful, so I was freaked out at the thought that I would work less which may get me more time freedom, but then lose my financial freedom in the process. I felt like i was going around in circles!

Everything I was experiencing was driven by the emotions and the stories I kept telling myself. They were all excuses depriving me from the life I deserved, but for me to get all of this freedom, I had to be honest with myself.

Why did I want my mind to believe that it was not possible to have time AND financial freedom?

I looked in the mirror and sat down to do some more work on my inner being which holding me back and keeping me small.

I realised that actually me saying I had “no time” was just a deep rooted fear. Let me explain. So when I took on staff they were all remote, I felt constant pressure and I felt like everything they did was wrong and it got to the point I was like SHIT i can’t handle this as I feared failing so much, I didn’t know what to do! I thought right, if I don’t outsource then I can’t be successful and if I’m not employing people then I can’t be successful, but at the same time I just couldn’t handle it.

One day, I was sat on my laptop and my chest felt really tight and I just thought “I can’t do this” – sent them all a message and let them go. Just like that.

My actual FEAR was that if I manage people I don’t know if I can cope, it will be stressful, so it’s easier to work alone. With this mindset, I was never going to have a proper “business”.

Now most people would say, just do what your comfortable with.

No! Entrepreneurs move outside of their comfort zone and that’s when life begins.

If I wanted time freedom, I had to let go of my need to control. This was it! Not avoid it. I had to deal with it. So I did.

I created a 6-figure business, that I could run and work part time at. I remember once saying to my fiance, whilst out for lunch, I’m making £1352 profit today!

It was shit-crazy. It was so simple when I realised what was going on inside of my brain.

Emotional, financial and time freedom was what I wanted, so it’s what I worked towards.

The process was quite straight forward, it just took time – but I only needed to put the time into it for a certain period (90 days) and then the next 50yrs+ I could have time-freedom and money to go on holidays and do up more houses, but the last time we did it was completely different. We didn’t even go to the house most days and this project was 10X bigger than the last one.

Age 27 years

With all of this knowledge I had I decided to setup an online furniture business, I invested 30k to create a super-hot website and paid people to create super snazzy spreadsheets for me. I had my process in place, my niche, marketing and social stuff all sorted.

It launched after 12 months and I had one sales. ONE.

What the hell? What was I doing wrong. I had everything in place, my framework, marketing tactics and so on.

How can I build a 6-figure business and then fail at my side hustle?

Well, the truth is I didn’t believe it would work. It was an extremely competitive market. I didn’t believe it would work and it didn’t.

You see, if I believed it would work. I would have invested money into marketing and I didn’t. I thought I could do it on a shoe-string budget.

I invested the money into the website, because I believed I could create a shit-hot website as this is my forte, but something held me back from investing into getting eyes onto my page, I didn’t want to pay for traffic.

I just couldn’t justify it in my mind.

The crucial component to any successful business is the belief that it will work – no matter what.

When you have that belief, you will put money in and take clever risks, because deep down you KNOW they will pay off. I was even too scared to phone up and speak to my first customer about their order. I stalled them for ages, then refunded them. WHAT?

Yes, I didn’t realise in my other businesses I had so much belief in them, I didn’t think twice about it not working. This furniture business I was not passionate about, I had zero belief in it and in all honesty, the best part was creating the website, I had no motivation after that.

I had a choice now, I could either work on my belief system to get it to where it needs to be OR I could learn from this and continue consulting.

I chose to learn from it. I decided to go back and learn the technique, but this time at an advanced level so I could really understand the critical parts of the process and ensure it doesn’t happen ever again.

I wanted to be a pro and create a system for whatever business I would have or work with to KNOW it will be successful, if I just follow a step-by-step process. The first part is to focus on strategy, but the biggest part is ensure you have the ability to execute, with no barriers.

I spent the next 12 months on my consultancy business and I started to help other businesses increase their growth by 80%. I would only work with those that had a framework in place, but needed that extra push for complete business mastery.

I would identify the critical areas which were impacting on the business’ growth and avoid failure by using the technique I had now mastered. I helped change the psychology around the business to help Entrepreneurs find more time, freedom and money – just like I did.

I had to work with multiple Female Entrepreneurs to test my model and create a simple process, which works for ANY business to turn it around. Millions of Entrepreneurs struggle with the same problem and millions have figured it out and you can too!

I help take Female Entrepreneurs from where they are to where they want to be to transform their business.