Things to remember when you feel not good enough…

I’m in Brighton, the sun is… not shining, BUT i am here for the weekend. So there’s hope it may join us soon 

I’ve found myself a nice quirky cafe and i’m sat upstairs indulging in a sweet potato and falafel salad with mango chutney, hummus and carrot.


Sat here with my laptop, doing some work… minding my own business… (or maybe not ha!)

I can’t help but earwig in other people’s conversations…

I don’t know why, I’m sooooo nosey!!

Across from me is a lady and her daughter and the little girl is full of beans, laughing and joking and showing her mum what she can do with her mouth (some weird trick?!)

Anyways, her mum says to her “Stop showing off!”

I was so shocked.

Now, you may think… yeah so what?

But actually these phrases are what make us feel not good enough.

A little girl read it as “why am i not allowed to be me?” or living in fear she’s always doing something wrong…

We can experience phrases like this ALL our lives… it’s no wonder we feel like we are trapped….

Walking around trying to be perfect to please everyone else.

I read this as the mum saying…

“Stop being confident and silly and making me feel embarrassed”.

Ugh, I just so wish people would let children be limitless and who they want to be (as long as nobody is coming to any harm or getting hurt).

As a child I always felt this way… “stop laughing like that” or “what you crying for?” and it’s no wonder we end up timid human beings…

Living in fear and living on edge, wondering if we can be a certain way and if we are… will we ever be accepted?

It’s ok to laugh.

It’s ok to cry.

It’s ok to be silly.

It’s ok to BE YOU.

Just keep on doing you.

Don’t let anyone ever dull your shine. Ever!

Today i’m going to dance back to the hotel and I don’t care who’s watching hahaha…

How are you being YOU?

Reply to me… so I can share them with my Genie World and let’s encourage one another to be filled with confidence!!

You ARE enough.

I said so.