Wellbeing at Work

Improving your well-being at work has a profound impact on your revenue, employee performance and your employees’ experience.

Whether you are an Entrepreneur working alone or you have staff, you need to look after your mental health.

How do I know this?

I have been there, done it and got the t-shirt. I found my job pretty stressful and if it wasn’t for understanding how Tapping works, I would have continued working 20 hour days!

I ran a Consultancy for nearly 10 years, managed teams overseas and for being a “one man band” I brought in a pretty good 6-figure income.

We all need to know how to deal with stress at whilst working, to reap the benefits of having a successful company.

There are times in the workplace when things just get too much for us.

You feel overwhelmed with how much work you have to do
Your to-do list is so long, you feel the pressure
You can’t afford to take regular breaks
Your suppliers are missing deadlines
You aren’t being listened to or valued
You don’t feel good enough
You feel like you can’t achieve the goals you are setting
You have mental blocks
You have emotional blocks
You even have financial blocks
You have limiting beliefs on how successful you can be ( that little voice in your head doubting you and your ability!)
You get nervous when public speaking or using Facebook Live!

The list goes on.

Do any of them sound like you?

The reality is, we cannot change other people, nor can we change things going wrong in our business, people not paying us and so on.

However, we can change ourselves and start to understand why our emotions are getting in the way. 

Imagine your colleague really got your back up and you didn’t react, you stayed really calm and you found you could just ‘let it go’… how amazing would that be?

Imagine being able to cope in all the right places, at all the right times?

Now you may be sat here thinking, this is not always possible, as some people just frustrate us!

Are you happy to live with that?

Live with the fact that “people just frustrate us?”

Are you just going to accept that?

People allow us to get frustrated and once you get your head around that and take responsibility, your life will change – DRAMATICALLY, and so will the people around you.

Once you learn how to relax into your Monday mornings instead of feeling the pressure and overwhelm, you will start to enjoy your work more (and your body will thank you for it too!!

However, I want to reassure you and tell you that it is possible to make these changes and it’s quite easy to do so.

I can provide you with a toolbox of techniques for when things go wrong and teach you how to deal with stress at work and how to remove any limiting blocks and beliefs that you have that are stopping you becoming your best self.

I can work with groups, but I can also work with yourself on a 1-2-1 basis, over Skype or Face to Face at my office.

Ready to find emotional freedom at work? Book a session or email me.