What is EFT/Tapping?

Have you ever tried to keep reminding yourself to not do something? Like stop checking your phone, or don’t argue with the girl at work, or just stay positive?

Well, it takes 3 weeks to change a habit, but you need to make a clear conscious effort, which can be mentally exhausting. By using tapping, we work with the subconscious to change your behaviours and habits.

By tapping, you will make shifts that correct the behaviour at the root, and only afterwards you will think “Oh my God, I didn’t do that!”

Right now you don’t have to practice being you, it just happens.

That’s exactly what my clients experience after their session, they can carry on their day except they will notice a shift, which is very powerful.

So, if you’re wondering what EFT/Tapping is, allow me to explain all to you…

Let’s get official – the definition of EFT

So – EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. Sounds a little technical, but just think acupuncture without the needles.

Over time, when we experience things in life, the body builds up emotional blocks and these in turn block our energy system. It’s important to keep this system clear as these channels contribute to how your mind works.

Once you know how to use the techniques that you are taught, you will then have a set of tools that are with you for life. All you have to do is keep up with the techniques. No matter what life throws at you, you will have a solution!

I have channels in my body?

Not the kind of channels that you’re thinking about. You can’t tune into BBC1 and you don’t need a licence to operate. But we are all made up of energy channels and it’s our job to make sure that this energy flows efficiently. Think of it like a TV set. If you have a faulty wire or dodgy aerial, you have to wiggle the wire around to fix it. This is the same with the energy system in your body. You have to keep everything running well, including your energy.

If these channels are blocked, negative energy can manifest and cause things such as stress and anxiety, as well as more physical diseases. Tapping aims to release these blockages and help you to balance out your inner equilibrium, whilst helping to improve physical and mental states, as well as performance.

By removing these blockages, you will bring your body back into a harmonious state and feel more positive by removing those negative blocks.

Symptoms of a blocked energy system include:

Your emotional harmony is important as it stops your body from making any of your physical problems worse – it even stops your body from creating new physical issues. If you have a sore leg, emotional disharmony will make it feel worse, whereas balancing out your energy system will help you to stop hopping.

Split the word disease up and what do you have? Dis-ease. Tapping will get rid of this dis-ease within your body and improve chronic illnesses with staggering results.

Tell me about tapping…

Tapping is often referred to as acupuncture without the needles, meaning you can get all of the benefits of this treatment right at home.

By using your fingertips, you can tap on energy meridians that sit just beneath the surface of your skin. This technique is effective, gentle and calming. When the tapping starts, you focus on a specific issue or problem that you have and tap with your fingers on the end points of these meridians. The energy system will then work with your mind to focus on the root cause, allowing the system to bypass the short circuit that it has defaulted to.

This is not a band-aid kind of treatment – this is a technique that addresses and treats the issue, rather than covering it up and having relapses from time to time; you can’t relapse if the issue no longer exists!

Give it a go…what’s the worst that could happen?

Absolutely nothing.

That’s right – nothing. You really do have nothing to lose, just everything to gain.

By taking part in EFT therapy, you are giving yourself the opportunity to feel empowered, refreshed and back in control of your body; your wellbeing is in your hands, meaning you can reach a refreshing and positive mental state in a short amount of time.

Get in touch now to get back behind the driver’s seat of your own vessel and tap your way to happiness after just one session.