Your Limiting Beliefs Are Keeping You Small

If I was to ask you directly, what your limiting beliefs are, you may have a hard time giving me the answer. Many of us aren’t away of what they are, or even if we have them.

When we hold a belief in our hearts, it’s because we believe them to be true, but we can actually stop ourselves from becoming our best-self.

Now, let me ask you…

Think of your ‘ultimate’ goal… what would that be?

Now write down all of the reasons why you can’t achieve that goal tomorrow. What’s stopping you going home tonight and waking up tomorrow with this new goal?

You should end up with a list of reasons and some of the reasons may look a little like this:

I don’t have the money
I don’t have the time
I don’t believe it will happen
I worry what others will think of me
I don’t feel good enough
I will lose customers
… and so on.

What we have created, are a listing of your very own ‘personal’ limiting beliefs, for your specific goal. I urge you to do this every single time you set a goal. If you have no idea what’s holding you back, how can you ever move forward?

For example, if you have a limiting belief that you’re not good enough, you will always end up self-sabotaging opportunities – without even realising it. You will not be open to receiving success and you will turn down opportunities that could potentially take you from a 5-figure business to a 6 or even 7-figure business.

When you set a goal, you need to identify what your ‘brick wall’ is. When you are aware of your limiting beliefs, that’s when you can make a change.

Now, what I am NOT telling you to do is to try and change your belief by changing your thoughts, because unfortunately this won’t work. Trying to tell yourself you are good enough, when your mind has lots of experiences and diary notes of why you aren’t… will just result in a whole load of willpower and very little result.

Instead, you need to break down your belief properly. Call yourself a detective! You need to break it down in a way that your perspective on the belief changes. For instance, you may want to prove to yourself 5-10 reasons why this belief is NOT true. However, this may still be a little challenging.

What I like to do (because it’s fun and it works) is to find the FIRST memory I ever had that created this belief.

A bit like jenga, I work on the root of the problem (the first time I created the belief) and I clear it using a range of techniques that I have spent years mastering.

When we find the first memory that created the belief – we can pull it out. All the other memories you have had since that first time you led yourself to believe that was true, were just enforcing the belief. If you remove the bottom block, the rest will disappear.

You will also be surprised to learn, this belief most likely started in childhood (99% of the time) even if you don’t believe it.

Now most of us don’t know consciously where or when the first memory was and that’s why working with a Coach to help you reach your goals and remove your blocks can be extremely beneficial not only to your wellbeing, but your financial success to.

The only beliefs that limit you, are the ones you believe.
When you clear the limiting beliefs, your thoughts and behaviours change automatically. You will clear any resistance to reaching your goals and will then have the power to manifest anything in your life.

I have seen huge transformations happen in my personal life and also my Clients lives.

If you want to see someone who has no limiting beliefs in their business – aspire to those that know how to generate success effortlessly. The only difference between you and the entrepreneur making 7-figures is their belief system.

The success is already within you.

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