Emotional Freedom

Things to remember when you feel not good enough…

I’m in Brighton, the sun is… not shining, BUT i am here for the weekend. So there’s hope it may join us soon  I’ve found myself a nice quirky cafe and i’m sat upstairs indulging in a sweet potato and falafel salad with mango chutney, hummus and carrot. Yummmmmm. Sat here with my laptop, doing […]

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How to stop ‘Energy Vampires’ zapping you from success

Okay, so the question here is do we surround ourselves with people who suffer with stress and anxiety and those who have problems and how to stop energy vampires from draining you? There are a lot of people out there that will have a lot of friends who’ve got a lot of issues… I’ve got family […]

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Your Limiting Beliefs Are Keeping You Small

If I was to ask you directly, what your limiting beliefs are, you may have a hard time giving me the answer. Many of us aren’t away of what they are, or even if we have them. When we hold a belief in our hearts, it’s because we believe them to be true, but we […]

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